A note on success

I came across this useful note that I wrote to myself years ago, as I was tidying up my desk…

I wrote this during the MEng year of my Computer Systems Engineering degree (probably my toughest year in academia, but also landed me my research contract with an incredible supervisor immediately after graduation!). Here it is:

Success in a field is the result of correct action, which itself is a function of concise prioritization of goals and objectives and, fundamentally therefore, the concise utilization of time.

Prioritization of goals and objectives requires (1) clarity on what must be achieved, and (2) they must be in alignment with and supported by the best possible logical discernment of the field (a structured breakdown of the ideas that constitute the field, and the understanding of them – with flawless clarity).

Naturally as a reward for one’s efforts, like a positive feedback loop, one’s understanding of the field will continue to grow, nourished by correct action (through the law of linkage). Like a spiral ascending into perfection, the next iteration will be even better.






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