About me


Ŭgnī is the Sanskrit term for fire, the archetypal element of commitment, transformation, and vertical ascent towards that which is truly perfect. The element of fire is also a symbol of refinement i.e. the process transmutation of something that is seemingly rather ordinary and mundane, to that which is inexpressibly extraordinary. Wait. Isn’t that what engineering is about?

Fire births inspiration births passion births action births industry.

 Ŭgnī.blog is my digital journal, mandala, and realm.

OK, now it’s personal…

I’m Tej Birring (Gurtej Singh Birring|ਗੁਰਤੇਜ ਸਿੰਘ ਬਿਰਿੰਗ);
I design and develop high-performance native cross-platform software for embedded devices and research+development machines.

In the summer of year 2016, I graduated from the University of Kent (Canterbury, UK) with a first-class honours master’s degree (MEng) in Computer Systems Engineering. This was followed by a stint in academic research towards 5G mobile telecommunications network architecture.

As of September 2017, I’m engaged in the exciting and rapidly-evolving world of Digital TV, online video, and connected home entertainment systems.

“Why does he write?”, you wonder

The further I engage matters of personal curiosity, and as life exposes me to incredibly interesting people and their work(s), the more I realize that things may indeed be interdependent, interrelated, or interconnected in ordinarily indiscernible ways – despite what ‘common wisdom’ dictates.

Perhaps it is the conscious process of understanding, appreciating, and precisely applying this interconnectedness that gives birth to deep insights which become the cause of progress – such as: the fundamental hypotheses, discoveries and models in the world of the sciences; and to divinely aesthetic awe-inspiring architecture, sculptures, paintings, and other works of art.

I write in order to make sense of- and appreciate- the vastness of it all.