The Art of Affirmations

I was first introduced to the power and importance of affirmations in the spring of year 2015, when I would go for long walks first thing in the morning (5am!) to help my body recover from an injury.

Also during this period, I was studying immensely for my exams, and working on the AVINSoR project (A Visually Intelligent Navigation System for Application in Robotics – check out my GitHub).

Soon the long walks became 5 mile runs… and the 5 mile runs became 8 mile runs… which became the occasional half marathon.

I began these walks listening to Robin Sharma’s The Leader Who Had No Title on Audible – a book I highly recommend to anyone serious about their ambitions and becoming the best version of themselves.

The fable imparts, amongst other things, the importance of:

  • self-responsibility,
  • beliefs,
  • consideration of the use of finite time we have available on this earth,
  • routine and daily rituals.

Robin not only describes what to do, but also, how precisely to do it.


Here are some pictures I took during my recovery.

Blean Woods, Canterbury (April 2015)
Blean Woods, Canterbury (April 2015)
Blean Woods, Canterbury (April 2015)
Blean Woods, Canterbury (April 2015)
Blean Woods, Canterbury (April 2015)



Below, you will find a collection of resources that provide thorough insights into the art of affirmations.

I would suggest you view and assess all resources – to create a process that will work for you.

  • Dan Pena: You can read them out aloud to reinforce them…
    (affirmations are a positive feedback loop, you can increase their effectiveness)
  • Priest Dandapani: The 3 Ingredients of Affirmations
  • Dan Pena: consider the ‘KEYS’
  • Jim Kwik: Important and concise information regarding identity, beliefs, and visions (with ‘motivational visuals’)

    (from Tom Bilyeu’s interview with Jim Kwik)
  • Dan Pena: Visions and Goals template to create detailed affirmations

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